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Important Notice - 10/10/2019

We are experiencing intermittent outages with our document imaging system.  We appreciate your patience while we diagnose and repair the issue.

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The online application is designed to work using the search features available within this website.  Any automated data collection (data mining) is strictly prohibited.  Any means of obtaining or gathering data or images without paying the appropriate fees is considered misuse of this site and will result in denied access.
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As of 07/02/2020, Easy Pay is no longer an available option for recurring payments on the Legacy Website. In order to maintain uninterrupted service, please be sure to deposit money to your subscription funds under the My Account page.

Important Message regarding the new
Odyssey Web ROA product.

While transitioning to our new Court Management Program, Odyssey, all online subscription & print fees are suspended through Sunday,
September 15 – Subscription Plans & Pricing Coming Soon!

If you are unable to access your online account, please contact our IT Help Desk at (985) 809-8792 or email to


We do not issue refunds if a customer is unable to locate a specific document through an online search. Subscription fees are non-refundable.

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This service may be used to verify the authenticity of an eCertified document generated by the St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court's online system.